Un'Sweet Wine - by Neesha Arter

Un'Sweet Wine - by Neesha Arter

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Summer is officially in full swing and nothing sounds better than a crisp glass of wine. So what are we currently having on the rocks? Well, we’re serving it chilled, but it’s Un’Sweet wine. Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing’s Tracy Tutor and PR powerhouses Lisa Agerman and Malin Eklund started the female founded company to deliver a zero sugar wine. I sat down with the trio to get the story behind the brand and see what’s to come.

Congratulations on Un'Sweet being available nationwide! Can you tell us the story of how Un'Sweet came about? 

 Thank you so much, we are so excited to finally being able to offer Un’Sweet to 43 states, it was such a milestone for us, so we are very happy it’s finally here. Health, mind, and body are all things that are super important to us here at Un’Sweet. So, we wanted to create something delicious that you can enjoy without compromising your health. So, we created Un’Sweet, the zero sugar wine back in 2019 and it’s been an amazing, wild, and successful ride ever since.

How did you find inspiration for Un'Sweet? Did you visit a lot of wineries? Can you share any special memories?

Truly, there was no product out there that offered everything we wanted when it came to wine. Most of us want to know what we drink, what we put into our bodies and honestly we don’t want any of the extra additives or sugars that can be found in many wines. So the inspiration for Un’Sweet was to create a product with good ingredients, no unnecessary additives, no added sugars, and to be completely transparent while doing so. All this but keep the refreshing taste that we all love and want.

Once you developed the wine, can you describe the first time you tasted it and knew it was ready to go to market? Where were you?

The first sip, that’s a moment we will never forget. Leading up to it was a lot of hard work, of course, we wanted to create the best possible product with the best possible ingredients so when we finally tasted our finished product, we just knew, this is it. It was amazing.

How did you choose which types of wine to expand with after launching the Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio? 

We just launched two new wines, one white Chenin Blanc and one red Shiraz. We wanted to create a Chenin for all those who already love our Pino Grigio, our new Chenin is even more deliciously crispy than our Pino, so we want to convert all our Pino lovers to Chenin lovers. Both vegan, organic, and no additional additives in true Un’Sweet spirit.

I love that transparency is a pillar of the brand. Why was that important to you?

Transparency has always been one of our key components from day one, we want our customers to know what they drink and we want them to feel good doing so. With that being said, transparency is key in everything we do here at Un’Sweet. What you see is what you get!

I know the wine is available in the US & Sweden. What’s next for Un’Sweet?

Our products are offered both here in the US and in Scandinavia, the brand is growing at a very fast pace, we have one million things going on but we are working on bringing one product here to the US that is our hero product in Scandinavia….you just wait and see but let me say it will be bubbly and the new IT-drink. So sit tight…hint hint.

How will you be spending summer sipping Un’Sweet?

You know wherever we are, Un’Sweet is too. Of course our homes are always fully stocked so whatever this summer brings, Un’Sweet is right there with us.

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Photographer Timothy Kuratek